The Aspiring Me LP [2013] CD


The Aspiring Me LP [2013] CD


On "Young Bobby Bushido," the second track of The Aspiring Me's new album, The Aspiring Me, he makes a prodigious claim: "Awww, shit. Y'all done let the wrong nigga make a fuckin' album." In and of itself, his assertion is trite and, within the context of rap music, almost definitely a cliché. But none of the singular parts of The Aspiring Me are meant to be processed "in and of themselves." Within that particular moment, The Aspiring Me simultaneously flexes the gangster traditions that guide his protons (his late father was Big Mello, an undeniable rap force that shifted southern rap's zeitgeist with his 1992 tape, Bone Hard Zaggin) over a brooding, cosmic soundscape that surmises his own forward thinking progressivism. Beyond that, the track acts as a segue between the spastic opening "Fast Livin'" and the ticky third track, "No Worries." The entire project plays out in a similarly esoteric manner, always more involved and intelligent than it would have you believe. The Aspiring Me is a grand project with a grander narrative that successfully pays homage to an almost grandiose background while establishing its own identity. Aspirations achieved, for certain. 

- Shea Serrano

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"so what's up? this is first. originally produced by myself with contributing work from my brothers Charles Moon and Christian Scull of 'family here eternally'. a complete in house debut album. work ranging from 2009-2012. I went through a lot of that "searching for myself" stuff; not just sonically but in the growing human nature as well, which pretty much encompasses all. I have grown since then, and still am, that's just where we called that chapter an end. I guess I would like for my music to have that mirror of human life. which is most valuable." 

-The Aspiring Me


released July 30, 2013

The Aspiring Me - The Aspiring Me
All songs written by The Aspiring Me except where features occur
All songs produced by The Aspiring Me except Young Bobby Bushido, Round Here, T.O.P., Relax (produced by Charles Moon) (piano and guitar recorded at Grayson Paul Creely studios) | No Worries (produced by Christian Scull) | Lane Seven (produced by Those 2) | teacher's pet produced by June James
Recorded & mastered at Digital Warehaus Productions
Mixed by Abraham Oniyide for KAVMUSIC

Family Here Eternally / Homeskool Records / Everything Records